🩱 Why is it Important to Wear a Bra that Fits?

🩱 Why is it Important to Wear a Bra that Fits?

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A well-fitting bra fits on your bust without causing unsightly bulges around its outline, say near the armpits and under the underwire. It should sit snug, making you feel confident about your curves instead of giving you love handles where they don’t belong.

Apart from appearances, here’s why it’s important to wear fitting, sexy apparel.

Tight Bands Can Cause Permanent Scarring

The prolonged use of bras with tight bands may lead to skin rolls above or below the bra line, which can only be reversed through intense physical exertion and plastic surgery. While the scarring itself isn’t painful, it does not look pretty.

We understand you may be concerned about adequate support, but if you’ve got bulges coming out of your bra line, you’re just adding unnecessary pressure to your back. So, attach some bra extenders to your band to distribute the stress and reduce the risk of embedded scars.

Loose-Fitting Bras Are Physically Unhealthy

If you have stretched your bra to the point where it hangs loose at the cups and straps, we suggest you replace it. An ill-fitting bra can lead to several posture issues, back, chest, and shoulder pain, not to mention stretch marks.

The issue of pain especially applies to women with large breasts who, by failing to provide adequate support to their bust, end up straining under their weight.

A Faceless Woman in Black Sportswear Holding Her Back with Both Hands

The Wrong Bra Can Be Distracting

When you wear the wrong kind of support, you have to deal with a constantly falling strap here and tuck in an unseemly bulge there.

The very fact that you’re wearing a bra means you’re outdoor, meaning you have better things to do than babysit your underwear. Thus, by wearing a bra in your size, you’ll be eliminating these distractions and focusing on the task at hand.

The Right Bra Can Prevent Premature Aging

As you get older, your bouncy breasts slowly lose the gravity-defying bounce they used to possess when they were younger. The only way to speed up this sagging is to wear an ill-fitting bra or stop wearing one altogether.

Thus, providing the right support, especially if you’ve got a big cup size is important after you’ve turned 25. That’s your prime and the last healthiest point for your bubbies.

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