🩱 Tips for Choosing the Right Lingerie

🩱 Tips for Choosing the Right Lingerie

How To Choose The Right Lingerie For Your Body Size

We all know that impish phrase – ‘size matters’ – but in the case of lingerie, it totally does. There is nothing like an ill-fitting garment to really turn the temperature down when all you want is for it to get hot, hot, hot! So, what are the things to look for when choosing the right lingerie for your body size? What are the must buys and where are the no-goes? How can lingerie turn you from plain and simple to sexy and seductive? Well, hopefully I can help you there a little…

Truth Time…

Come on, ‘fess up. What size are you? I mean – really are you? A recent poll discovered that almost half of women lie about their dress and bra size to friends and partners. I’m sure we’re all guilty of nipping a couple of inches from our waist or bolstering our boob size on occasion, but why should it matter? Knowing your own size is super important to choose the right lingerie for you. Too small and you’ll end up with bumps and bulges, too big and it will look loose and lack-lustre. So, know your size – and be proud of it!

Don’t believe everything you see…

Looking at the media, it’s all too easy to believe that if you’re naturally thin then anything will look good on your slimline bod. What we have to remember is those images have been nipped and tucked to an inch of their lives. I remember working on a photoshoot once where the photographer didn’t like the model’s nose. She changed it so much, it didn’t even end up looking like her! Don’t believe what you see in the magazines.

Similarly, if you’re big and beautiful, don’t get down in the dumps thinking that nothing will look good on you. Time to look again because if you find the right thing, you can be as babesome as any plus sized model (even with the touch-ups!).

Love Yourself…

What we do know is that, whatever your body size, no one is ever truly happy with what they’ve got. Start loving yourself a bit more by looking at your best bits and learning how to make the most of them.

Size 6-8

Being thin isn’t always easy. As much as people say, “you’re thin, you’ve got nothing to worry about”, actually we know that isn’t the case. Ill-fitting clothes are just as much of a problem if you’re perfectly petite as it is for the rest of us. After all – we’re all individual, not produced by a machine like a plastic mannequin.

Focus On:

The one thing you don’t need to worry about as much as someone who is a little larger is the dreaded bulge, but of course – buy the wrong size bra or panty and that can happen to anyone. Equally, with a larger size usually comes a larger bust and vice versa, size 6 to 8s are more likely to be in the smaller cup size category. Curves may not be your friend, as much as you might want them to be.

Make the Most of your Assets: As a naturally slim person you’ll be able to make the most of your petite waist and luscious legs, so get them on show. If you want to accentuate your curves around the boobs and hips, try adding frills, a padded bra or textured materials to lingerie around those areas to get the desired effect.

Let’s Try:

Tips for Choosing the Right Lingerie

BoThe right bodystocking could make you look like a svelte sex goddess. Try something like this Unspoken Pleasure Fishnet Suspender Bodystocking from Let’s Duck. The suspender style with lace sections will elongate your body and wrap around your bust to make it look perfectly pert.


Babydolls – This fabulously feminine piece of lingerie luxury is perfect to add a little flamboyance to any bedroom scene. Why not try the Sheer Strappy Cage Cup Babydoll Set from Leg Avenue, it’s open back will make the most of your cute derriere, accentuate your boobs and hide any curves (or lack of) leaving you looking girlishly gorgeous!

Sheer Lace Strappy Black Bra Set

Bra Sets – If you’re looking for a stunning Bra Set – you could go for padded or push-ups to really enhance those assets. Alternatively, have fun with strappy sets and detailing to show off your fabulous frame. This Sheer Lace Strappy Black Bra Set from Passion really adds interest with its strappy underwired sheer lace cups and matching suspender belt and panty, what’s not to love!

And of course there’s a lot more styles of lingerie to choose from…

lingerie for small sizes

From left to right: Nude and Black Satin Corset, Bondy Black Bandage Chemise, Black Lace Plunge Thong Teddy, Heart Lace Bra and Strappy Garter Panty.


Bandeau styles – If you want to enhance your shape, don’t choose a style that detracts from it.

Size 10-14

Ahh, the stereotypical feminine size should be oh so easy to style and so easy to get the right lingerie for your body size – right?. Maybe, but no one ever seems to consider the fact that no two size tens are the same. Bigger bust here, bigger bum there, body shape is everything. To learn more about what you can do to make the most of your body shape, check out my blog on best lingerie for your body shape.

Focus On:

Make sure you know your body shape. Look at the areas you want to hide, and the ones you want to make the most of. Well-fitting lingerie is key for you to avoid any wobbly bits or bulges. But you’re lucky that a vast array of lingerie is waiting for you, so have fun with it.

Make the Most of your Assets:

Think about the areas of your body that you would like to show off, why not try cheeky cut out styles to flirt and flaunt your body.

Let’s Try:

Denver Red Strappy Lace Teddy

Teddies – Choose the right one, and you’ll certainly prove that teddies aren’t just for cuddling. These sassy snips are everything that’s sexy in lingerie. Why not look at backless options to show off your long line (and lack of back fat!) Try something like Beauty Night’s Denver Red Strappy Lace Teddy to shape your waist and put it all on show.

Wet Look Chains Cami Garter Set

Camigarters – Having a size 10-14 figure generally means all the lumps and bumps are in the right places, with a little curve thrown in for extra-gorgeous-measure. So, have fun and try a camigarter for size. This Wet Look Chains Cami Garter Set from Lolitta will really turn up the heat.

Slice and Dice White Glow Dress

Cut-Out Lingerie Dress – There really isn’t any need to cover up when it comes to your body, so enjoy putting it all out there. For a little seductive modesty (but probably not for long), why not try a cheeky fishnet or cut-out dress for size? This Slice and Dice White Glow Dress from Pink Lipstick is a salaciously seductive way to show off your curves.

Lots of other lingerie styles are worth a try too…

Lingerie to fit sizes 10 to 14

From left to right: Black Scallop Bra Garter Belt Set, Lace Up Choker Corset Set, Sheer Lace Black Babydoll Set, Fishnet Strappy Back Suspender Bodystocking.


You’re probably one of the lucky few who doesn’t need to worry about what to avoid based on your size. But check your shape and make the most of it.

Size 16-18 plus

If you think that sexy lingerie is only for the slim and svelte, look again. Sparkling Strawberry stocks so many luscious lingerie styles for curvy ladies, you’ll be spoilt for choice. But there’s lots to consider, like how to hide any flab (if you want to) whilst boosting your best bits. Getting the right lingerie for your body size can get more tricky the larger you are but it can be done.

Focus On:

If – like me – you find yourself in this category you’ll be more than aware that whilst we’re beautiful and buxom, we also have a little too much wobble for our liking. Tummy fat, thighs rubbing together, bumps and bulges are all too easy to pop up and say ‘hello’ with ill-fitting garments . All too often lingerie just isn’t made, or cut out to be put on anything bigger than a size 16. That doesn’t mean to say that we can’t look or feel sexy though. We just have to find the right item.

Make the Most of your Assets:

Two things going for you are those larger than average boobs and bum, so make the most of them. Look for things that enhance the bits you want enhancing whilst detracting from any unsightly wobbly bits.

Let’s Try:

Plus Size Red Open Cup Garter Chemise Set

Chemises – Control the lumps and flaunt the humps with a sexy chemise. It will cinch in your waist and make you look like an utter sex siren. Something like the Plus Size Red Open Cup Garter Chemise Set from Seven ‘til Midnight will give you control, whilst having a little cheeky fun with the daring derriere. What’s not to love?

Plus Size Wondrous Fuchsia Babydoll Set

Babydolls – If, like me, you don’t like your tummy, a babydoll can answer all your tummy-hating nightmares. Feminine and frilly yet sexy and salacious, it’s the perfect ‘come to bed’ outfit. Try out the Plus Size Wondrous Fuchsia Babydoll Set from Seven ‘til Midnight to really party in pink.

Plus Size Glitterati Lace Cut Out Bra Set

Bra and Panty Sets – There is no reason why you can’t flash some flesh with the right lingerie. A sexy bra and panty set can really work some magic. Try styles that work with your body shape, such as open cup styles or high waisted if you sometimes find bulges around the sides and back. This Plus Size Glitterati Lace Cut Out Bra Set from Seven ‘til Midnight is a dazzling choice to flatter your figure and make you feel sexy.

here are few tips for choosing the right lingerie.
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