🩱 The Ultimate Guide To Women’s Underwear at Los Angeles Lingerie

🩱 The Ultimate Guide To Women’s Underwear at Los Angeles Lingerie

Los Angeles Lingerie

Guide To The Ultimate Women’s Underwear

Women’s underwear doesn’t need to be complicated. Sure, there’s a range of styles, fabrics and colors out there that would leave any woman scratching her head with confusion. But once you’ve figured out which styles work best for you, you’re over halfway there.

Our Women’s Underwear Guide is here to answer all your questions when it comes to choosing the perfect style of undies for you.

A brief history of women’s underwear

Up until the Victorian era, it was rare for women to wear any underwear at all! Unlike men who were already wearing undies, medieval women wore one long underdress which later developed into petticoats and slips.

This all changed when “drawers” showed up. A longer form of underwear that covers the legs, drawers were a hit among women everywhere – even Queen Victoria! In the years that followed, drawer hemlines moved up and the knickers style we know today had arrived. Once the 1940s arrived, what was once a fashion novelty was a WW2 essential.

Stockings were another undergarment that showed up throughout history for both men and women. By the 1940s, nylons had been introduced to the mainstream, much to the joy of women everywhere (no more ladders in their tights!).

Guide To The Ultimate Women’s Underwear

The 20th century also saw other fibers appear such as rubber and elastic. Underwear became more tight-fitting and sexy, with bikini briefs and g-strings all becoming popular. Seams and wires still made for uncomfortable wear, until brands such as Leg Avenue appeared in the early 2010s challenging these designs.

Choosing the perfect style of undies for you

Picking the right styles of women’s underwear isn’t easy. From fit and fabric to color and design, there are several things to keep in mind when choosing the right style of women’s undies for you.

Guide To The Ultimate Women’s Underwear

1. Bikini

A classic style of women’s underwear with a little less coverage than your standard pair of briefs, bikini briefs tend to sit a few inches below the waist and feature high-cut leg holes. Bikini briefs are nice and versatile, you can wear them with anything from your favorite pair of skinny jeans to a floaty dress.

2. Briefs

If you’re after a little more coverage, look no further than a pair of women’s briefs. Designed for extra comfort, briefs provide lots of front and back coverage. Women’s briefs come in a range of rises, from low to mid to high. Wear yours with low to high-rise pants.

3. Hipster

If you’re after a pair of women’s undies that teams with low-rise jeans and pants, the hipster style is for you. Women’s hipsters (or hip luggers) sit on the hips, a couple of inches below the waist. Hipster underwear has low-cut leg holes and shows about ¾ cheek.

4. Boyleg

Showing cheek’s not your thing? Maybe boylegs are for you. Women’s boylegs or boyshorts are inspired by men’s briefs and are a little like the hipster. The main difference is that boylegs have a lower-cut leg – some go down as low as the thigh. Wear your women’s boyshorts with medium to high-rise pants and enjoy the comfort they provide.

5. G-string

Forget coverage. G-strings form a T-shape like a thong but feature a thinner string for even more cheek exposure. Perfect for when you’re wearing form-fitting styles such as bodycon skirts and dresses and tights and leggings, a women’s g-string will avoid visible underwear lines.

6. Brazilian

After something a bit more cheeky? Go for a Brazilian bikini. Featuring a low-rise cut, this hybrid of the bikini and g-string offers a playful touch and provides moderate bum coverage. A fun and feminine design that’s also great for wearing with your favorite dress or pair of skinny jeans.

Consider color

We focus on creating timeless designs here at Boody, so to discourage waste and the endless need to chase trends. This is why we’ve created a versatile selection of neutral shades that go with anything and never go out of style.

Black: The hue that goes with everything, black is unsurprisingly one of our bestselling underwear shades.

White: Another Boody fan favorite, every woman needs at least a few pairs of white undies in her top drawer.

Blush: Probably the closest we get to an actual ‘color’ in our undies range, our Blush hue is a fun, feminine but still neutral shade that our customers can’t get enough of.

Light Grey Marl: The newest addition to our family of neutral hues, Light Grey Marl has proven to be an extremely popular new shade.

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