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🩱 So...Why Crotchless Panty?

So...Why should I wear crotchless panties?

crotchless panties
What a delicious question. If only all my days were spent pondering the reasoning behind crotchless lacies. This question has come up for me recently since I filmed a piece for where the ladies of challenged themselves to try crotchless panties for a day.

After talking about it with friends, there was a common theme amongst all of them.

“Why not just go commando?”

Look, let’s get really real here. Most women are not using  crotchless panties as their, “Hey, I’m going to the supermarket and picking up some quinoa” pair of panties. No, most women when going about their life are wearing their daily underwear in whatever form that feels best for them-thong, bikini briefs, commando, granny panty etc. Typically, a crotchless panty isn’t meant for the ordinary day to day lifestyle.

It’s for…you know…special times.

When I explain this to my friends, they then say…”yeah, but why not just go commando then? That’s hot!”

Crotchless Panties at los angeles lingerie

Yes, undoubtedly that is true, but gals, crotchless panties are hot because you’re dressed and undressed at the same time! You’ve got this beautiful frame of soft fabric and textured lace to bring attention to what is the happiest place on earth. Haven’t you ever bought a piece of lingerie, whether a bra or chemise and been so happy to have it on your body and you’re feeling all fabulous, and then….it’s off in less than 60 seconds. In the back of your mind your inner pragmatist is thinking, “wait, I paid good money for this thing.” With crotchless panties, you’re meant to keep them on. They aren’t just an appetizer.

So then that brings up the question- “Are crotchless panties only meant to be enjoyed with a lover?” Of course not! As I said in the BuzzFeed video, wearing crotchless panties on a regular day is the sexiest secret in the world between you and your body. What if you got yourself a risqué pair of panties to wear at your next important meeting or networking event? Or possibly even on a Friday night out where you have no intention of anyone ever laying eyes on your skivvies. How would that change how you interact with people? Would you feel a little more confident? Might you even feel more empowered with this sexy secret? A sexy bra is awesome, but crotchless panties, now that’s really upping the boldness game.

All in all crotchless panties are meant to be sexy fun. Just the word alone makes most people want to snicker in a high school adolescence kind of way. Embrace that reaction and allow yourself some sexy play. Look, sexuality and your inner sexy is a deep profound experience that I teach women to embrace on a soulful level every day, but if you take it all too seriously you run the danger of making it so sacred that you miss out on all the fun and lightness it can also offer. Try out a crotchless panty for yourself or for a lover and see what happens. If you need a little guidance, check out my favorite picks below and see which ones strike your fancy.

Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy Crotchless Panties
Spice up your love life with these.

Crotchless panties can be a very adventurous piece of lingerie to add to your closet. Lingerie for years has been new and exciting as women explore and are becoming more open with their sexuality. Due to this, many brands have been launching creative new underwear for women to try.

Crotchless panties are a very interesting buy so if you want to spice it up keep reading to learn more about this new underwear trend and what you need to know before buying a pair.
Crotchless Panties Have Health Benefits
Fleur Du Mal Charlotte Panty

Believe it or not, but these panties are actually really good for your private area. Since there is a hole in the private section, there is no friction or fabric rubbing on your area. The reason this is beneficial is that some of us have sensitive skin, and it will keep your area free of uncomfortableness.

Also, if you are allergic or get rashes easily, these are great from preventing that down there.
Women of All Sizes Can Enjoy
Seven Til Midnight  Plus Size Cut-Ou

Unlike some lingerie, these works for women of all sizes. You can find crotchless panties in many different sizes for whatever shape you are! Brands like Savage X Fenty have for women up to sizes 3X so you can feel confident in your own skin. Unlike brands such as Victoria’s Secret that only cater to slimmer women.
Keep Them On, Don’t Take Them Off!
Dreamgirl Women’s Low-Rise

A lot of our underwear tend to end up on the floor when we wear them for our significant other. Well, you don’t have to worry about that with these, you can keep them on and still enjoy private time with your man. Style them with a cute matching bra, sometimes they even come in sets.
Crotchless Panties For Different Styles
Back Button high waisted crotchless pantiesMusic Legs Back Button high waisted panty in black

Even in our underwear, many of us don’t feel entirely too comfortable with our bodies. Luckily, you can find crotchless panties in high waisted too if you want to cover up a little. High-waisted is becoming the new trend with underwear and bathing suits for women who want to hide some of their curves.
They are Sold Everywhere
Floral Lace crotchless pantiesLeg Avenue Women’s Floral Lace Teddy in Red

Furthermore, when it comes to crotchless underwear a great thing about them is you can find them almost everywhere. You don’t have to try a new brand or search too far for them. Most lingerie stores you’ll find sell them. Some of these stores are Bare Necessities, Nasty Gal, Savage X Fenty, Adore Me, and more.
A Diverse Range of Fabrics
Cosabella Naughtie Low Rise crotchless pantiesCosabella Naughtie Low Rise Boyshorts

Another amazing thing about crotchless underwear is that they come in so many fabrics. The panties come in a range of fabrics depending on what you’re into. The most common one you’ll find is lace, but if you are not into lace there is also satin, mesh, and more.
Extremely Comfortable Lingerie
Rene Rofe Crotchless Lace Panties in blackRene Rofe Crotchless Lace Panties in black

When it comes to comfortability this is a must with our underwear. A lot of lingerie can make us feel as if the fabric is rubbing too hard on our skin or make us not want to put it on. Crotchless is very comfortable, especially if you get in a fabric that works for you. They also give your private area space to breathe.
Get a Crotchless Panties Set
Rene Rofe Women’s 3 Pieces Lace Lingerie Garter Set

Just like many of our underwear, we can find crotchless panties in so many cute sets. Sets are such a great bargain because you get two for a good price a lot of the time. You can be sure to find a crotchless panty set with a matching bra just like the one up top from the brand Coquette.
Buy Them At A Great Price
Hanky Panky After Midnight Crotchless pantiesHanky Panky
After Midnight Crotchless Hipster

Just like mentioned earlier, you can find these panties almost everywhere. This also means you can buy these at an affordable price! Depending on which brand you are shopping at, you can find crotchless ranging in affordable to expensive pricing. You don’t have to break the bank when shopping for panties.
Test Them Out First
Seven Til Midnight Crotchless panties Open-Back Butterfly TangaSeven Til Midnight
Crotchless Open-Back Butterfly Tanga

Lastly, one thing to know before buying these is to make sure to test them out first. Start by wearing them around the house or model them in your room first to make sure you are comfortable in them. These are unique and you want to make sure you rock them the best that you can!

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