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Ladies we do not have to wear lace or nylon thong panties to be, look, or feel sexy. Sexy can also be comfortable and practical. Panties come in an assortment fabrics and styles. The fabrics of panties are as follows: cotton, lace, microfiber, polyester, spandex and nylon, just to name a few. Choosing panties is a personal choice because there are many factors involved in what you want out of them. Cotton (can be found in organic) will help keep you dry and is breathable, in fact, many doctors will suggest you wear cotton panties to keep vaginal issues away. Panties made of synthetic material can be visually attractive with more intricate designs, but they are not breathable and hold moisture that can cause vaginal irritations. Another factor to consider when choosing panties is the cut or style of the panties. The styles are g-string, thong, cheeky, bikini, hipster, boy short, brief, high waist (control) brief and last but not least the crotch-less panty.

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sexy pany

sexy pany

sexy pany

From what I hear from my friends and my personal experience cotton panties are far more comfortable, but choosing which panties to wear is dependent on the occasion. Going to the gym, working around the house, or going to work may warrant cotton panties of any style. Women also tend to wear cotton, mostly brief style, during that time of the month and typically don’t want our partners to see us in our dreaded cotton period panties. Going to dinner after work, date night, just because I feel like it, or sashaying around the house will warrant something a bit more visually appealing; like the boy short, bikini, cheeky g-string or thong. Thong and g-string panties are also the “go to” panties to be worn under certain clothing, like something that might be too see through or fitted.

The ultimate in sexy and for the more adventurous is the crotch-less panty. These panties will get a rise out of your partner and can add a little more excitement to your date. (Hint: don’t reveal that you are wearing them before the dinner date because you might not make it to your reservations.) Be creative with these, tell your partner in a text at dinner what you are wearing or say it in a whisper during the movie or on the ride home. 😉

There is a time and a place for all panty variations and it is up to you to determine when and where that is. Have fun with it.

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