Dozens of Bras in Different Colors Hung Out to Dry Outdoors

🩱 How to Organize and Store Sexy Intimates

The not-so-sexy task of storing your sexy lingerie is a necessary measure you need to take if you want your fancy underwear to last as long as it’s supposed to. We understand it’s not fun, but so aren’t unsightly rips and stretched necklines.

Here’s how to avoid ruining your intimate apparel by storing it right.

Chuck the No Goods

Before starting, take out all the underwear, sexy or no, that you have in your house. Gather it all in one place and start going through each item separately. Bid adieu to anything that looks aged, meaning anything too big or small for you, and sports tears, holes, mysterious stains, bleaching, or stretched spandex.

Moreover, give away intact items you’re unlikely to wear or never did get around to wearing because you didn’t like the look.

Once you’re done with all of the above, proceed to arrange what you’re left with.

Hang ‘em Like Outfits

In the unlikely scenario that you’ve got extra closet space, we suggest you dedicate it to your lingerie. Put any items with straps on a clothes hanger and use clothespin hangers for strapless ones.

We suggest you go for metal hangers as they’re gentler for the satin and lace fabric of your underwear, along with being a great space-saving option.

A Line of Undergarments on Hangers

Assign Separate Portions or Drawers

Everyone has underwear, but not all of it can be considered sexy lingerie. When storing in drawers, we suggest you separate the everyday stuff from the steamier articles.

Fold everything without padding and underwire and store the rest as it is. In case you have a whole wardrobe worth of lingerie, we suggest you separate them further by type or color. Be sure to keep your favorite ones in clear sight, so you don’t have to turn the whole drawer upside for a single item.

Use the Wall Space

If you don’t have enough lingerie to warrant a whole drawer, but also don’t have space in your closet to hang the few items of sexy apparel you do own, we suggest you use the space inside your closet instead.

We all have hooks on our walls and doors. Why not go a step further and install them inside your wardrobe as well? All you’ll have to do then is hang them on the hooks and try not to pile on too many items on top of each other. That’ll just defeat the point of organizing and lead to unnecessary snagging.

Make Space in Your Suitcase

There will come a time when you and your partner will want to get out of town for a long weekend or spend your vacation in the Serengeti. Naturally, you’ll have to pack a lot of bra and panties sets, and we know just how to do so without taking up too much space inside your suitcase.

Don’t bunch it all up inside a Ziploc bag.

Do fold one cup of your bra into the other, place the panties inside the cups, and make a cup pile of all your vacation underwear.


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