How to Love Yourself With Your Lingerie

🩱 How to Love Yourself With Your Lingerie

Growing up, I refused to buy any underwear other than six-packs of ill-fitted, solid-colored cotton bikini briefs. “What’s the point?” I thought. “No one’s gonna see them.”
When I started getting into fashion as a teenager, I realized that picking out your lingerie in the morning can be just as fun, and do just as much for your confidence as a new pair of shoes or a cute jumpsuit.
Most of us put on some type of lingerie every day, so why not turn it into a joyful part of your day? Sure, lingerie can help you feel sexy on a date, but it can also help you feel powerful, comfortable, cozy, romantic, or thoughtful, regardless of where you wear it or who sees it. Best of all, it doesn’t have to be super expensive! If you’re interested in including lingerie as part of your self-care journey, here’s where to start.

Find out what you like

First of all, lingerie doesn’t have to be stereotypically sexy. After all, “lingerie” is just another word for “undergarments!” You don’t have to buy fancy sets full of strappy thongs with ribbons and bows, unless that’s what you want.

So ask yourself what kind of undergarments you like. Not what your partner likes, what your family might approve of, or what you think you’re supposed to be wearing, but what you personally like. I still love wearing cotton bikini briefs, but I like to buy ones with cute prints and embroidered details that make me happy when I pull them out of my drawer.

If you’re stuck, you can even write down what you don’t like about your current lingerie, then seek out the opposite.

Figure out your sizing

Lingerie sizing, especially bra sizing, is so overwhelming! Thankfully, our modern world has so many resources for figuring out sizes. If you’re interested in wearing underwire bras, I recommend getting measured at a local independently-owned boutique with good reviews online. If that’s not accessible to you or you don’t feel comfortable with that.

Figuring out your sizing on Los Angeles Lingerie can help you embrace your body. Despite what’s available at the mall, the alphabet definitely doesn’t stop at DDD, and lingerie doesn’t stop at a size XL! Once you know your measurements, you can discover all the options available to you.

Go beyond the mall

I do love a cozy lounge set from Aerie, but there are so many more options than the underwear shops at your local mall.

Personally, I love shopping with independently-owned, ethically-made brands like Only Hearts, and I’ve found awesome deals online on bras by Panache, a great company that makes bra sizes up to a J cup.

Whether you’re looking for something fancier or you’re on a strict budget, there’s a brand out there for everyone’s taste, size, style, and budget. And they’re all online. Thank you, internet!

Invest in a “starter set”

If you don’t have anything you like, buying one lingerie set that you can wear when your body needs a little extra care is a lovely place to start.

Whether it’s a fancy gartered corset or a comfy organic cotton bralette set, do some very mindful shopping and avoid the “5 for $25” deals to seek out exactly what you’re looking for. Double-check your measurements, set your budget, and go for it!

Don’t let it sit in the drawer forever

Just like using a face mask or doing free YouTube yoga in your bedroom, wearing your favorite lingerie can be super therapeutic.

Next time you spend a night at home, pick out some underwear that makes you feel good. Then do the same when you go to class, to dinner, while studying… wherever! Lingerie that makes you happy is meant to be worn.

Make it a part of your daily routine

Just like deciding on a cute outfit in the morning, doing your makeup, or taking your vitamins, consciously picking out your undergarments can be a radical act of self-love.

Feeling crampy or grumpy? Pick out your most comfy, cozy briefs, or your cutest pair of underwear to cheer yourself up. Have an important job interview? Pick the bra that makes you feel the most confident, professional version of yourself. Just want to be cute? Wear a bra that matches your outfit. Why not?

Your choice of lingerie doesn’t have to be related to anyone else. It can simply be another way to inject a little bit of self-expression and self-love into your day.

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