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🩱 How to Fix 4 Seriously Painful Bra Problems

When fitted right, bras are a girl’s best friend. When fitted wrong, they hurt like a mother. However, the distinction is hardly that simple. Not all our problems are caused by ill-fitting women’s lingerie, nor is all the pain it causes us of a physical nature. Some painful bra problems ride beyond the skin.

Here are some literally and figuratively painful bra problems and their solutions.

1. Digging Underwire

Problem: Underwired bras, especially padded ones, are great when your boobs need an added lift. However, many women avoid wearing them because they fear the underwire would dig into their armpits and under their breasts. There’s also the risk of the underwire poking out of the fabric cover and stabbing you raw.

Solution: First off, there’s no excuse for a bra that pokes out of the fabric cover. A well-made bra would never escape its cover, nor would it stab you to the point of drawing blood. If it does, you need to throw it out without preamble.

Having said that, a digging underwire should never be an issue with a well-fitted bra. The whole blunt stabbing debacle is due to wearing the wrong cup size, which makes the bra ride high, causing you pain. The right cup should sit flat on your ribcage and trace the root of your breasts.

2. Visible Nipple Outline

Problem: Chilly places like the fall and winter outdoors or even a too-cold office may cause goosebumps and erect nipples, leading to some unintentional flashing and painfully embarrassing moments for you.

Solution: You might suffer a wardrobe malfunction despite having on coverage only if you wear a light cloth-based bra, so we suggest you get in as many padded bras as possible. Wear them where there might be people and save the lighter ones for home.

A Woman Wearing Jeans and A Green Sports Bra with a Visible Nipple Outline

3. Chafing

Problem: In the literally painful category, we have the chafing caused by nylon, lace, mesh, and similarly harsh bras on potentially sensitive skin, which only gets worse in warmer weather. Apart from the material, however, chafing could also happen as a result of a poorly-sewn bra.

Solution: If you’ve got extra-sensitive skin, we suggest investing in cotton, silks, and rayons for your innerwear. As an extra precaution, make sure the bra is sewn by following the standard procedures.

4. The Double Boob

Problem: Some bras fit you perfectly everywhere but fail to provide sufficient coverage for your breasts. The cups end up being too small, and you don’t want to buy a size too big just so your breasts can sit right within the cups. Cue: spillage and two extra boobs you never wanted.

Solution: Always buy a bra primarily because it’s the right cup size for you. So, what if it’s loose around the band. Just hook it in the last row to tighten it up, and you’re good to go.

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