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🩱 How to buy women’s lingerie your partner will love

Gifting sexy lingerie to your partner is a sure-fire way of marking a milestone. Here’s how to buy women’s lingerie your partner will love.

Know Their Size

Think you know your partner’s bra size, look again because it’ll have changed with the brand. Snoop around while they aren’t in, see what kind of sexy apparel they prefer, and note the size on several. You could also take photos of all the labels to be sure of the brand it belongs to.

Bonus Tip: Do not go for the items at the bottom of their drawer.

Put Out Feelers

Exotic lingerie can be risqué, so much so that your partner might not want to try on what you get them at all.

Sure, you could sneak a peek into their underwear drawer, like we mentioned, but what if it doesn’t turn up much? That’s when you’ve got no other option but to ask them about it. Will it ruin the surprise? Maybe. But at least you’ll be getting them something you’re confident they’ll wear.

Bonus Tip: Take the well-trodden road of misdirection—say you’re getting them something else—and get an opinion out of them by pinning it on your friend.

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Be Selfless

Gift-shopping is not the time to be selfish. Sure, this one’s different because you’ll likely share the fun, but even then, you have to buy what they like, not what you’d like to see them in.

Women can be insecure about certain parts of their body. For example, if they wear a push-up bra most of the time, you may not want to buy them a plunge bra. Similarly, if they’re into boy shorts, they might not appreciate thongs as much.

Bonus Tip: Try to look at intimate apparel from their perspective, not yours.

Buy Exotic Lingerie Online

It’s 2021, and men still have a hard time going into a store that sells women’s undergarments. Even though sales reps are more than happy to assist you once you’re in, the getting-in-there part’s the most difficult of all.

Unless you’re okay with sending in your sister or a female friend, we suggest buying online. Why would you go into a store anyway when you know there aren’t going to be any fittings?

Once you have the size down pat, just head over to our online lingerie store to buy items like sheer stockings, fishnet pantyhose and tights, sexy role play lingerie, bra and panties set, teddy and bodysuits, sexy corsets—even bathing suits.

We deliver lingerie to your address in packaging so nondescript even your girlfriend would have a hard time guessing what’s inside.

Contact us for further questions about lingerie and sexy apparel.

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