How to Buy Lingerie for Your Loved One

🩱 How to Buy Lingerie for Your Loved One

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You know how they say that experiences can make better gifts than things? Well, with lingerie, you're giving the gift of many future adventures involving you taking your purchase off your lover.

Lingerie is both a no-brainer gift idea and an absolute quagmire of confusing sizes, styles, and complicated feelings about her body. Fear not, as we’ve got some tips and expert info to help you choose the best lingerie for your budget, her body, and your bedroom behavior.

Plus, if you nail it (sorry) she'll be mega-impressed. It's a win-win situation.

1. What You Should Be Looking For?
Balancing What She Wants and What You Want
When buying a woman lingerie, you want to select something that’ll make her feel both sexy I comfortable. Follow the basic 101 rules of gift-giving: Give the people what they want. Buy something that they'd love but likely wouldn’t splurge on themselves. Being the one to pick out and buy the items just puts you in the driver’s seat. While it’s fine to purchase something in your favorite color, just make sure it's something that she would feel sexy in.

Before you shell out a lot of money on a sexy look, do some recon in her dresser. Pro tip, gentlemen: Bra tags are usually near the clasp, and panties are sized like clothes (6, 8, etc.), so cross reference that with her other garments. When in doubt, size up, says Alicia Thompson, Director of Brand Marketing for

“Lingerie isn't always forgiving,” she cautions. “If you're concerned about buying too small or too big and causing a fight that no amount of make-up sex will cure, go for a ‘one size fits most’ style with stretch!”

Different Types of Lingerie
Women can be particular about their undergarments, and for good reason: ill-fitting lingerie is very uncomfortable, and uncomfortable isn't sexy. Take, for example, underwire (the wire that runs along the cups of bras). Depending on how bountiful your partner's breasts are, she might require it, or she may loathe it. Bralettes have become more and more popular, which are very comfy underwire-free bras. If you want to gift her a bra, don't overthink this. Just stick with what she already wears. If all her bras contain underwire, go with that.

It’s also important to note that things like thongs, high-waisted panties, and cutout bodysuits are trendy, but aren’t flattering on most women.

“If you're unsure of how she feels about her body, you can't go wrong with a sexy babydoll style,” says Thompson. “If she's slaying you in the bedroom every night, then go for a form-fitting teddy or chemise.”

Always pay attention to what she loves about her body. If she puts in work at the squat rack, opt for some slinky Thigh-Highs. If her booty is bodacious, pick up some Brazilian-cut panties to show off her shape.

You can't go wrong with a bathrobe, too. They're one of those things that everyone enjoys, but may feel like an unnecessary item, and thus not buy one for themselves. They're useful, ideal for wearing while first waking up and making coffee, or to lounge around in after hot sex. Remember, Robes are also sexy. Women can wear them over their lingerie — or nothing — and gracefully slip off the robe in front of you. They also fit all body types and are available in every color, pattern, and fabric you can imagine.

How Much to Spend
When it comes to budget, think quality over quantity. If you have less than $50 to spend, that's totally fine. Rather than opting for a poorly made bra and panty set complete with a garter belt and thigh-high stockings guaranteed to fall apart in the wash, buy her one or two quality items.

“Buying a $250 lingerie set is probably going to inhibit you from really getting into it for fear of ruining or even ripping an expensive piece,” adds Thompson. “Plus, there's no such thing as too much lingerie, so if you're having trouble deciding on a style, buy her a few pieces of reasonably-priced looks so you can both explore your vibe together!”

2. What You Should Avoid
Many women feel powerful by enhancing their boobs with padding, and love the extra cleavage they provide. Other women hate them, find them uncomfortable, and would prefer something that works with their body. If this is the case in your relationship, stay away from padded bras unless you’re trying to suggest you wish she had bigger boobs. Body insecurity is very real. Do not buy those chicken cutlets that can be stuck in bras to make breasts appear bigger.

When shopping for lingerie, just like you would with jewelry, keep it classy. Unless your partner has very strong feelings about only wearing cotton underwear, go with a sexier fabric like lace or satin.

Whatever you do, don't be cheap with lingerie. Not only does cheap lingerie fall apart, it's usually uncomfortable.

Also, if your girl is new to the lingerie game, steer clear of complicated contraptions like garters or anything with the word “cage” in it.
“If you can't decipher how you'll take it off, it's probably going to add to her stress to put it on,” advises Thompson. “Not sexy.”

3. Top Lingerie To Buy Her
Just remember that women have crazy complicated relationships with their bodies, so help her to see her the way you do: Strong, sexy, sassy, and perfect whether she’s in leather lace, or your old college tee.

4. Why It's A Romantic Gesture
Despite any initial negative thoughts, buying lingerie really is romantic.If you're dating someone, sleeping together, and share emotional intimacy, lingerie is an easy go-to especially for Valentine's Day and anniversaries. Women, like all humans, want to feel desired. Presenting a box tied with a red bow containing a sexy black negligée will show her that you want her - bad. In a new relationship, buying lingerie is a fabulous way to impress her with your taste, and in a long-term one, it's a great way to keep your sex life thriving.

Plus, you'll get bonus points for bravery. Picking out lingerie isn’t easy!

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