🩱 How Men and Women Feel About Lingerie

If it were up to the men, your underwear drawer would be overflowing with lace, frills, and garter belts. A survey found that men prefer lingerie that's bright, fun, and barely there, while women prefer comfortable and practical picks. 

Well, yeah, that makes sense. So it's no wonder that a whopping 92 percent of women say they have special sets of sex lingerie, according to the survey. You know the kind—they make you feel like vixen, highlight all your best assets, but are totally impractical for everyday wear. In fact, 89 percent of the women surveyed said that these special sets make them more sexually confident. 

The survey identified all sorts of things men say they love about lingerie—like red material, lace, cut-outs, sequins, and bows. But let's be honest, most guys aren't incredibly well versed in women's underwear, so just go with whatever you feel best in. If you're in the market for a sexy new get-up, check out the best types of lingerie for your shape and the best bras for your set.

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The sexes have VERY different ideas about the perfect lingerie... He wants it skimpy and unashamedly saucy, she craves plain colors and, above all, comfort!
  • Men like women to flash plenty of flesh wearing skimpy underwear
  • Men favor cut-out panels, bows and suspenders
  • Women prefer full-cup bras and bigger briefs, which offer more comfort
  • Both sexes think color co-ordination is important 
  • 92% of women have 'seduction' set they bring out for special occasions
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