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🩱 For the Love of Lingerie: A Guide for the Lingerie-Phobe

Every woman enjoys feeling sexy to a different degree. Some enjoy crotchless stockings, whereas others are overwhelmed by the amount of skin sexy lingerie ends up revealing. And so, we have the lingerie-skeptics and lingerie-phobes. Wearing lingerie is actually good for you, so don’t let something like this put you down.

To spare you the ordeal of sorting through scores of lingerie, we bring you the following sexy yet comfortable numbers.

Try-On Teddy Lingerie

Teddies are one-piece bathing suits that you can wear anywhere. These tanks may be shorter than bodysuits, but they provide far more coverage, depending on the opacity.

As if that’s not enough already, these numbers are also good value for money because you don’t really have to invest in all the other fripperies like garters, thigh-hi stockings, G-string lingerie, and what have you. You can, however, add a bit of spice with a set of sexy gloves.

Buy Yourself a Sexy Babydoll

Babydolls are typically fitted at the bust and sport a flare ending right under the crotch. Stand straight, and you’re wearing regular nightwear. Lean over, and you’re giving off suggestive vibes.

It doesn’t hurt that, sexy times or no, babydolls are comfortable enough to wear to bed, which is why it also serves as women’s sleepwear.

Woman Lying Upside Down with Her Legs Propped Up in Black Sexy Apparel

Stay Safe with a Bra and Panties Set

Sometimes, you need to go back to the classics when women either bought bras and panties separately or in sets. If your existing ones aren’t sexy enough, we suggest you invest in versions that strictly qualify as exotic lingerie.

Cover Up Your Chemise

The chemise is a fitted type of lingerie that was worn as a first layer of underwear in olden times. Now that its earlier purpose has gone redundant outside period shows, this sheer shift is squarely in the sexy underwear category.

If you don’t feel comfortable with a chemise and G-string ensemble, cover it up with a short kimono robe, and double up on the fun with the disrobing element.

Put On a Sexy Mini Dress

Like teddies, mini dresses range in sheerness from completely opaque to semi-transparent, and see-through. They may be unlike anything you’ve worn before, but the ‘dress’ tag does offer a bit of solace for those who normally shy away from exotic lingerie.

However, make no mistake: there’s enough indecent exposure involved in the sexy mini dress that you do not want to wear outdoors.

Find the right fit at our online sexy lingerie store, and comfort will naturally follow suit. Buy a bralette and panty set or take a chance on exotic bodysuits, and allow us to take care of the rest. Take your time purchasing women’s lingerie because there’s an hour-long discount on each item.

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