Five Differently Shaped Women Clad in Sexy Lingerie

🩱 Different Types of Lingerie for Your Body

The world of modern, sexy lingerie is inclusive of every body type, and there are indeed many shapes out there. Does it affect your choice of underwear? Definitely. We’re not the sum of our parts because we hardly have the same body mass everywhere.

Following are types of lingerie and sexy apparel by body shape.

Rectangle Body Type

One of the many functions of sexy underwear is that it adds shape where it lacks. So if you’ve got a straight body with no discernable curves, you have what is called a rectangular bod.

In order to add shape to it, wear a corset because it’s designed to give an hourglass figure. Bralettes and boy shorts may also shape your hips, whereas a teddy should make the most of a long torso. If you’ve got small breasts, a push-up bra, bodysuit or bustier may go a long way.

Hourglass Body Type

Those with an hourglass silhouette are truly lucky because exotic lingerie’s no more than an embellishment to their already gorgeous curves.

Thanks to a narrow waist and perfectly aligned hips and shoulders, they can make anything look good on them, from garters to teddies to thongs to camisoles, and especially corsets, everything and anything’s game.

A Caucasian Woman Sitting on Her Knees On A Bed Clad in A Sheer, Black Bra and Panties Set

Triangle Body Type

A triangular body is characterized by narrow shoulders and wide hips, or at least shoulders that appear narrower as compared to the hips. Here, intimate apparel must function as a balancer. In other words, take the attention off your hips by drawing it towards your torso.

The Sheet Net Babydoll comes with a matching G-string and is perfect for this type of body because it’s snug at the breast and flares at the hips. Similarly, a bustier or romper with hosiery may also draw eyes upwards.

Inverted Triangle Body Type

You’re an upside-down triangle if you’ve got wide shoulders but narrow hips. Here, it’s up to you how you want to show off your curves; if you wish to flaunt that broad upper area or not, or make your lower region look wider.

Teddies are great if you want to keep things as they are, whereas a chemise would draw attention away from your shoulders because it accentuates the hips. A babydoll would look good on this body type—so would cami sets and thongs.

Round Body Type

A round body is wider at the chest and waist than the hips—sometimes, shoulders. Therefore, you’ll need something that tucks the rounder bits in.

A corset would do a great job, although it might be a tad uncomfortable. You could also go for milder options like teddies or sexy babydolls because they reinforce the hips. Finally, a bodysuit may work well for those reluctant to have their breasts overshadowed.

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