Debunking 5 Bra-Related Myths

The myths about bras are probably the ones that you heard from a grandparent or great aunt.

Here is the truth behind some of the most common myths about intimate apparel.

1.    Underwires Equal Pain

Contrary to popular opinion, underwires don’t actually dig into your underboobs by default. If they do, it’s probably because you got a cup size too small, causing the fabric and underwire to ride up to compensate for lack of coverage.

We’ll even go so far as to say sexy apparel with underwires offers the best kind of support and contouring for your bustline. So, if you’re still having issues with yours, it’s time to reconsider your cup size.

2.    Your Bra Size Never Changes

Your bra size does not change as fast as it did when you were still developing, but it does constantly go up and down. Women, in particular, go through so many changes in their lives, from having babies to aging to gaining and losing weight.

All of these changes have a profound effect on our bra size, which is exactly why you need to check yours every time you buy women’s bralette.

A Caucasian Woman Taking in the Sun While Wearing a Strapless Black Number

3.    There Are Standard Sizes Across All Brands

Fit-wise, every brand pays attention to detail in a different manner and to a different degree. And it doesn’t just vary from brand to brand, but also has to do with regional sizing charts of every country.

Furthermore, you may also find yourself to be a different size within colors of the same brand. For instance, darker bras are tighter due to pigmentation, which is probably why you’ll find them to be snugger as compared to your lighter bras.

4.    A New Bra Should Go Inside the Last Hook

Our bra-size changes several times throughout the month, which is why it’s not feasible to get a bra that fits you at the last hook.

You probably want to get something that fits you at the middle hook so that when you get bigger or smaller, you can adjust your size.

5.    You Should Never Wash Your Bra

We would qualify never washing your bra as a quasi-myth. It does have some truth to it because washing your bra too often can age it to the point of disposal. However, never washing it is not exactly sanitary, is it?

Wearing the same bra again without washing not only breaks down its fabric with your own oils and dirt but also means you’re subjecting a cleaner body to those very contaminants.

So, always wash your bra after you wear it, but don’t use it more than once a week. Instead, have one for each of the seven days so that you can make all of them last longer.

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