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🩱 5 Different Hosiery Styles – Explained!

5 Different Hosiery Styles – Explained!

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Hosiery comes in a variety of styles for you to choose from. Although the global hosiery market is set to reach $47.8 billion by 2026, in today's age, not a lot of women wear hosiery with their outfits but maybe with this guide, that can change.

In the past, no woman's wardrobe and outfits were complete without some type of hosiery. Hosiery makes a woman look feminine, sexy, and sophisticated. The earliest record of hosiery being worn goes back to Egypt in the 9th century.

Different hosiery styles can give a different look to your legs by making them look smooth, slimmed out, defined calves, and overall mature look.

Here is an overview of different hosiery styles that you can rock inside and outside your bedroom.


Hosiery Styles at Los angeles lingerieStockings are the most worn type of hosiery, and most women wear it with a garter belt. Stockings are basically like a pair of tights, but they are up to your knees or a little higher. They are tight-fitted and come in a variety of fabrics, styles, and textures. They can also be secured with suspenders and give an overall sexy touch to any outfit you wear.


Hold-ups are essentially the same as stockings. The only difference is they can be worn without the support of a garter belt or suspenders. They have silicone layering on the inside, which keeps them from sagging. Hold-ups can spice your outfits as well as your lingerie.

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Pantyhose are the thinnest hosiery style. They are made with sheer fabrics like nylon and go over your feet up to the waistline. Pantyhose can be worn with pants as they help you keep warm and are much thinner than tights, so your pants still fit you perfectly.


Perhaps the most common form of hosiery worn by everyone — men and women alike. Tights cover your legs from your waist all the way down to your toes. Tights come in different fabrics and thicknesses. Sheer ones go really well with mini skirts, pencil skirts, and midi dresses.


Anklets or ankle highs are almost like socks, but not quite. Let us explain. Unlike socks, you can style anklets as they have patterns and lace detailing. They are thinner than your traditional socks and look great with trainers, work shoes, and even boots. They look super stylish and even protect your feet.

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