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🩱Tips for Trying Out Role Play In The Bedroom

When it comes it spicing things up in the bedroom, people often overlook role-playing and how it can make their nights hotter and steamier than ever. Role-playing is all about couples taking on new identities and fulfilling each other’s fantasies. 

It’s a game some couples enjoy while others are too shy or uncomfortable to play. And that’s fine, but if you’re holding yourself back because you think you might mess it up, here are some foolproof tips and tricks so you can overcome your fears and enjoy healthier and satisfying love life.

Know your fantasy

Before you jump into all the costumes and sexy lingerie, you need to know what your and your partner’s fantasies are. You can search for inspiration on the internet or come up with a generic scenario like nurse and patient or cop and criminal.

Whatever you choose, be sure you and your partner will be comfortable throughout. When it comes to healthy sex and love life, both partners should feel secure, loved, and understood, so knowing what you want can go a long way.

Share it with your partner

Once you’ve narrowed down your fantasies, you need to know if your significant other is open to these options. You can’t expect them to partake enthusiastically in all your endeavors, but if you communicate, share and understand each other’s fantasies, you’ll be much more satisfied in the bedroom.

You can bring up wanting to experiment in the bedroom, see if they’re open to it, and then relay your fantasies. Be sure to ask if they have any, too, and include them whenever you two decide to try new things.

Woman wearing sexy role play lingerie

Set some ground rules

You’re almost down to the good part, but you and your partner need to set some ground rules and limits before you get started. It’ll ensure you both know what you’re comfortable doing and what’s going too far. Establish a safe word to put an end or pause to everything if things are getting out of hand or you feel uncomfortable.

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