pink lingerie set from Los Angeles Lingerie.

🩱 4 Reasons Why Your Lingerie Collection Needs a Splash of Color

pink lingerie set from Los Angeles LingerieWhether you’ve been recently experimenting with different lingerie or have been hooked for several months and years now, you can easily fall victim to monotony. There are so many different options to choose from. However, many women like it play it safe and stick to their favorites, the classics.

If you continue to wear the same old black, red, white, or neutral lingerie, you’ll get bored at some point. Your partner will also crave a pop of color in your collection! In this blog, we’ll walk you through four additional reasons why you need to incorporate some color into your lingerie collection. Continue reading!

1. Toss Predictability Out the Window

When things get too predictable, boredom and complacency set in. These are two things you don’t want in the bedroom. By experimenting with different colors and even textures and patterns, you can spice things up and toss predictability out the window! You’ll surprise yourself by how exquisite you look as you don an array of different colors. Your partner will love the exciting splashes of color.

2. Make Your Accessories Pop

If you love to wear accessories with lingerie, you may want to ditch safe lingerie colors. Why? Well, accessories (especially gold and silver pieces) look spectacular with colored lingerie. Not only do they vividly stand out, but they also complement the lingerie exceptionally well. The overall balance will make you look and feel stunning.

pink lingerie set from Los Angeles Lingerie

3. Match Your Lingerie with Your Makeup

Today, many women are incorporating colored lingerie into their collection simply because they can play up their makeup accordingly. If you’re wearing a gorgeous pink lingerie set, you can wear beautiful peachy and gold makeup to complete the overall look.

You can also opt for pink lids to complete the pink affair to perfection! You can’t go wrong here. For an added touch of oomph, wear electric pink heels that make you look twice as gorgeous.

4. Find the Perfect Color for Your Skin Tone

While the shape of lingerie is important, its color is just as imperative. As you find the perfect color of lingerie that complements your skin tone, your overall look will be instantly amplified. If you have olive-toned skin, opt for gorgeous green, brown, yellow, red, or mustard lingerie. Gold also works exceptionally well!

If you have cool-toned, light skin, opt for colors like lilac, blue, jade, and coral. You can go a step further and play up your collection based on your hair and eye color as well.

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