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🩱 Bra Styles to Chill This Summer

Outerwear isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to summer clothes shopping. You can wear as summery a sundress as you want, and it won’t change a thing unless you sort out your innerwear.

There are several bra types out there, but when it comes to intimate apparel for the warm season, you need to buy something that fits, is comfortable, and is made of gentle, non-itchy material.

Here are the sexy bras we’d invest in this summer.

1. Sports Bra

Sports bras are shockingly underrated in the world of sexy wear. We blame the name—how else can something that’s both under and outerwear be this overlooked?

Yes, indeed. You don’t have to buy them just to wear to the gym. They make great summer tops; you can don them when you need a bit of direct ventilation in the stuffy weather. The material, too, is perfect because it keeps the underboob dry.

Best of LAL: Strike Strappy Back Sports Bra

2. Strapless

You could wear strapless bras whether you’re showing shoulder or not and spare them the extra sweat. Just make sure you’ve got the grip tight and the cup right, or there’s going to be some spillage, if not an outright nip slip.

While we’re on the subject of strapless, let’s talk cup-less options. Pasties might be a more risqué alternative, but they do liberate your breasts. If they’re on the smaller side, we know how badly you want to drop the bra altogether. Pasties only conceal your areoles and leave the area around them free.

Best of LAL: X Factor Nipztix Pasties & Wild Thoughts Babydoll Set

A Woman Wear a Balconette Bra with Sheer Straps Under a White Coat and Slacks

3. Bralette

Wear a bralette instead of a chemise if you’re in the mood to put on a semi-transparent dress. It’ll conceal the bare minimum, letting you flaunt the rest. If nothing else, you must buy one to keep cool when temperatures run high.

Best of LAL: White Bralette Set

4. Balconette Bra

It won’t quite be a season to remember without a push-up bra, now, would it? The balconette bra, also known as the shelf bra differs from its counterparts due to a horizontal cut at the top. It pushes your snuggle pups upwards, making them look like they’re peeking over “the balcony.” Hence, the name.

When buying a balconette bra, we suggest you select one with removable straps. That way, you’ll be able to show off your goodies to the best effect in a strapless dress.

Best of LAL: Longline Satin Balconette Bra

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