3 Lingerie Trends You Need To Try This Year

🩱 3 Lingerie Trends You Need To Try This Year

Every few decades, we see an abundance of trends come and go. They become excessively popular until they inevitably fizzle out and die. This is true for anything related to clothes, footwear, accessories, and even our beloved lingerie.

For a few years now, we’ve been seeing a shift toward more comfortable clothing, and that need also encompasses lingerie and intimate apparel. Gone are the days when women believed beauty is pain and all that other nonsense.

We now opt for sexy, comfortable, and sustainable styles that are embellished with equally soft and comfy materials. If you want to up your lingerie game and know what’s trendy right now, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some of our top lingerie trends you need to try this year.


If gymnasts and swimmers can wear it and look like a million bucks, then so can you. Bodysuits have quickly become a must-have for every woman and lingerie lover out there, and rightfully so. They offer much more than comfort, and their versatility makes them genuinely undeniable.

If you’re looking for lingerie that you can rock in the bedroom and dress up for your meetings the following day, bodysuit lingeries are the perfect way to go.

You can effortlessly style them with a pair of jeans, a blazer, some vibrant heels, bracelets, and earrings and step out into the streets, looking like an off-duty runway model. They give you style, comfort, and that cinches in your waist, giving you the sexy hourglass figure you’ve been wanting.

Woman wearing a sexy lace bralette and panty

Lace bralettes and panties

If lace isn’t the most flattering and comfy fabric out there, then we don’t know what is. Some of the top lingerie brands and designers have been honing in on the sultry and sexiness lace brings and incorporating them into their pieces.

Sure, opting for lace bras and panties outside the bedroom is a lot more risque, but where did being decent and modest ever get you?

So, if you want to venture out into the wild and rock these pieces outdoors, then you do you. But if you’re going to keep it under wraps and surprise your boyfriend with a fun, sexy pair, this is the way to go.

Silk camisole lingerie

Popular in the early 2000s, silk slips, and camisole lingeries are making a massive comeback.

The light, soft and airy material will not only be a viable addition to your closet, but studies show that silk is actually quite beneficial for your skin. So sexy lingerie plus great skin, what more could you possibly want?

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