3 Lingerie Tips You Should Be Aware Of

🩱 ***3 Lingerie Tips You Should Be Aware Of

The lingerie saga continues well after you buy your sexy bra and panties set or whatever underwear that’s struck your fancy lately. Keeping your expectations low is important because you don’t know how it would look on you until you try it on.

Here’s everything you need to know about sexy lingerie.

1. Get What You Like

Getting what you like instead of what your partner likes can get a little tricky at times, especially when presented to you as a gift.

For instance, fishnet pantyhose can be polarizing at the best of times. It could have to do with how you think it looks and how your body interacts with the material.

No matter how sexy it appears on a clothes hanger, if you don’t feel your best in it, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with trading it in for what you think looks better on you.

2. Flaunt the Best

The rule of thumb when buying lingerie: consider underwear that accentuates your best bits.

If it happens to be the girls upfront, you might want to show them off in a black Chemise, G-string. However, if your legs are long enough to warrant a peek, a lace camisole with short panties might do them justice. Even better if you’ve got a killer booty to match because the High Leg Scalloped Teddy shows off both to their best effect.

While the above are just examples of what we mean when we say “show it off,” you could always try and get push-ups to enhance certain parts or downplay others.

Bra and Panty-Clad Woman Gazing into A Gilt-Edged Mirror

3. Know What’s Out There

When it comes to women’s lingerie, there are many options. They may be exclusive or blended in one piece. Here are the most popular styles doing the rounds these days:

  • Romper: A romper may be a one-piece or two-piece set, but it usually ends just below your hip. It’s also worn as outerwear by shorter women or those who don’t shy away from showing all the thigh they’ve got.
  • Bralette: A bralette typically lacks an underwire and clasp for women with smaller breasts, hence the lack of support.
  • Bustier: This what we meant when we suggested wearing something to accentuate your butt because a bustier usually ends around the belly area, drawing attention to whatever’s underneath.
  • Corset: A necessary evil in the past, corsets tend to lift the breasts and tuck in all the extra bits. They’re like heavy-duty shapewear, so you must only wear them for a limited period.
  • Teddy: A teddy is a more transparent version of the bodysuit since it covers the torso and crotch in one piece.
  • Chemise: A chemise is like a sheer dress, which you may wear on its own or lining a dress.

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