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Meow-Za Pink Glitter Kitty Face Mask With Black Trim

Meow-Za Pink Glitter Kitty Face Mask With Black Trim

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Harness your inner Sex Kitten as you prowl around the town in this blacklight reactive Black Dust Mask with neon pink kitten whiskers. Whether you're grabbing a booch at WF or out at the club, you'll have everything thinking, ME-OWZA!!

IN DUST WE TRUST! Whether you're partying in the playa or being a conscientious civilian keeping those cooties at bay, Neva Nude has you covered night and day! These DM's get an A+ for fashionable face coverage that is both comfy and cool! The masks are made with a flexible elastic trim with an easy looping structure for both quick covers and rapid releases. Hand selected, breathable fabrics allow you to take a deep breath, don your dystopian best, an head out into this Brave New World.

What Makes Them So Awesome:
Comfortably cover nose, mouth, and chin - its like a hug for half of your face!
Amazing selection of fabrics and freaking awesome designs allow you to look like a dystopian dream!
Not intended for medical use, but may help prevent transmittal of gross germs and cooties!
Stretchy elastic trim allows for quick coverage and rapid release without giving you dumbo ears.
Cotton liner provides maximal breathability and can even double as a reversible look. NAILED IT!
Each mask is handmade and therefore unique!

If you find your mask is a little tight, pull on the ear loops! They will stretch. :) One size fits most.

Packaged in clear polybag.

Materials: 100% cotton inner liner, spandex/polyester blend for outer layer.
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